Strategic Integrated Communication (SIC)

Certification Programme II
Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Duration: 4.5 months (105 hours)
Course Fees: Rs.88,500 (inclusive of 18% GST)

Registration Fee : Rs.3,000
Interviews will be on Skype or Zoom.

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Module Objectives

Public Relations & Corporate Communications have emerged as vital management functions in business organizations. Entrepreneurs and professionals associated with Startups, small and medium enterprises are also keen to harness and leverage the power of Public Relations & Corporate Communications for their own businesses. Family run businesses are also actively using techniques of PR. Professionals engaged in Human Resources are also actively honing their skills in the area of Internal Communications.

Accordingly, this module has been curated to impart an understanding of Public Relations & Corporate Communications concepts and practices to professionals who are working in Advertising Agencies, PR Agencies, Event Management, Sales, Marketing Communications, Human Resources, Retailing, Media organizations and various functions of family business. It will be equally helpful to those associated with Startups and SMEs.

Module Focus Areas

Formulating Public Relations campaigns
Media Relations and CSR as strategic tools of business
Role of Corporate Communications Manager in corporate bodies
Use of Data Science & AI in Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Module Contents

Different theories and practices of Public Relations
Context of managing the ‘Publics’ and ‘Stakeholder’ for business
Media Relations
Role of PR Agencies
Applications of Public Relations for business organizations
  • Marketing PR
  • Investor & Financial PR
  • Societal PR
Various tools used in Public Relations
Role of PR in Crisis Management
Internal Communications
Strategic Corporate Communications and its applications
  • Constructing Corporate Identity
  • Building Corporate Profile & Corporate Image
  • Building Corporate Reputation
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its applications for business organizations