Career Advancement Programmes (CAP)

Strategic Integrated Communication (SIC)

Course Mentor: Mr. Vinod Srivastava

XAVIER INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATIONS is one of the pioneering institutions committed to advancing the careers of professionals engaged in Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Film, Television & Digital Video Production etc. for well over half a century through its various courses. XIC alumnus of these courses have made a niche for themselves in the media and communications field. XIC is one of the top-ranking Institute in India with various international affiliations.

Keeping in mind, the high-pressure working environment in which these professionals work, many of them are not able to enroll themselves for on campus, classroom-based courses in order to advance their career further. In addition, those associated with Startups and entrepreneurial ventures who are aspiring to acquire a high level education in communications are also not able to attend on campus classrooms and are therefore unable to apply modern communications practices in their organizations.

In view of demand from the industry and working professionals in these disciplines for online learning, XIC has now launched a platform called Career Advancement Programmes (CAP). The vision of XIC-CAP is to institutionalize the continuing education and training of working professionals in Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Film & Television and Startups etc. on an online platform.

STRATEGIC INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION (SIC) is one of the first ONLINE PG Diploma programme under the CAP platform. Eligibility is a graduation in any discipline and work experience of 2 years in a non-staff function (executive or supervisory function desired)

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Objectives of SIC


Provide working professionals with the opportunity to get an integrated Diploma certification in the fields of:


To pursue short term courses of their choice in a flexible manner if they do not wish to pursue the entire diploma certification programme. Students can enroll at the beginning of any of the three modules in June, October, and March.


To provide flexi - fee payment facility so that working professionals do not face the financial burden of paying the entire course fee at the beginning of the Course. After paying the initial enrollment fee for the module, monthly payments can be made throughout the module duration on the 1st of every month.

Course Structure

The 11-month (ONLINE) Integrated Course consists of 3 modules.

The students can start the course with any of the modules and opt out at the end of any module. After the completion of each module, a certificate will be issued for the completion of the module. Those completing the entire course consisting of all three modules, will be conferred the Diploma Certificate.

The entire course will be completed over a period of 11 months. However, in order to give flexibility to working students who may not be able to purse the entire Diploma course in one stretch, all three modules must be completed over a maximum period of two academic years. Of course, XIC counsels working professionals who enroll in the Diploma course to complete the entire course within one academic year to maintain continuity of learning.

Salient Aspects of the Course

  • Orientation: A face-to-face orientation programme will be organized at the XIC Campus in the beginning of the programme. Those who will be unable to travel to the campus can attend the programme online.
  • Course Mentor: Each module will be taught by a dedicated industry / subject expert with practical experience in the related discipline who will provide holistic mentorship to students. These Course Mentors, who have held senior to top level positions in corporate bodies and the Media, have been associated with XIC courses for a long time and have been instrumental in educating and imparting practical training to a large number of professionals, presently working in the fields of Brand Management, Advertising, Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Corporate Communications Content Generation etc. at various positions in well-known organizations. From time to time, Course Mentors may bring in other subject experts to teach specific subjects specified within the module.
  • Counselling: Course Mentors will have individual online interactions with the students as and when needed by the students at pre-determined time slots. This will ensure that students get the requisite guidance and resolve any academic issues.
  • Pedagogy: The classes will be conducted using Zoom or any other digital platform, with the deployment of advanced online class techniques such as:
    • Virtual Group Exercises
    • Case Studies
    • Video Based Exercises
    • Problem Solving Exercises
  • Online Library Resources: A digital library consisting of e-books, professional journals and other knowledge resources will be available to students. The students can retain access to the online resources even after passing out by taking up membership in XIC Connect (the community of XIC Alumni) and paying an annual library fee.
  • Class Notes: Class notes will be provided to augment the online teaching.
  • Face to Face Immersion: At the end of each module, an Immersion programme will be organized either at the XIC campus in Mumbai or its Khandala Campus for two days over a weekend, wherein students will get an opportunity to interact with the Module Mentor. Those who may be unable to attend the face-to-face immersion will have the flexibility to join the online interaction.
  • Evaluation: Student evaluation will be carried out at the end of each module and a Marksheet will be issued. Those completing all the modules will be given a Diploma.
  • Convocation: A convocation will be organized at the end of the programme on campus for all who are eligible for a Diploma. Those who will be unable to travel to the campus can attend the programme online.

Course Fees & Contents

Module 1

Strategic Brand Management & Marketing Communication

Duration : 4.5 months (105 hours)
Course Fees : Rs.88500 (inclusive of 18% GST)

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Registration Fee : Rs.2500
Interviews will be on Skype or Zoom.

Module 2

Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Duration : 4.5 months (105 hours)
Course Fees : Rs.88500 (inclusive of 18% GST)

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Registration Fee : Rs.2500
Interviews will be on Skype or Zoom.

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Commencing 26th November 2023

Module 3

Digital Content Creation & Creative Writing

Duration : 2 months (45 hours)
Course Fees : Rs.53100 (inclusive of 18% GST)

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Registration Fee : Rs.2500
Interviews will be on Skype or Zoom.

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Registrations are open
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Commencing March 2024

Class Timings

Classes will be conducted over the weekends. During each weekend, a total of 6 sessions of 1.5 hours will be conducted. After two consecutive weekends of lectures, one weekend will be kept free for the students to undertake mentor-directed reading and self-study and prepare for the assignments given.

Day Duration Time Slot*
Session 1 1.5 hours 6.00 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.
Session 2 1.5 hours 7.45 p.m. - 9.15 p.m.
Session 3 1.5 hours 10.30 a.m. - 12.00 noon
Session 4 1.5 hours 12.15 p.m. - 1.45 p.m.
Session 5 1.5 hours 2.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Session 6 1.5 hours 4.15 p.m. - 5.45 p.m.

* A tea break of 15 minutes between two sessions and lunch break of 45 minutes have been provided.

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