Strategic Integrated Communication (SIC)

Module 3
Digital Content Creation & Creative Writing

Duration: 2 months (45 hours)
Course Fees: Rs.53100 (inclusive of 18% GST)

Registration Fee : Rs.2500
Interviews will be on Skype or Zoom.

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Commencing March 2024

Module Objectives

The module is aimed at honing the skill of effective writing and crafting content for traditional media, digital media and various business applications. The module will help working professionals to articulate their thoughts and ideas more succinctly and also help those interested in creating content for traditional platforms such as product brochures and digital platforms such as Blogs, Web sites, Portals, e-commerce etc.

The module will impart practical tips on writing for a variety of purposes and engage the students in multiple types of writing exercises.

Module Contents

Content Classification
Processes and Principles of writing
Storytelling techniques
Understanding the Audience
Content structure of various types
Writing for Media. Press Releases, Press Backgrounders
Writing speeches
Writing for TV Channels,
Writing for Internal Communications and employee motivation
Writing for Web sites
Writing for Portals
Writing Bloggs
SEO Content, Types of SEO content, how to develop SEO content strategy, Elements of SEO
Content writing for E-commerce Sites
Content creation for digital product brochures
Content creation for chatbots