Audio Visual Projects

Film, Television & Digital Video Production


Paav Ki Baat

The film explores the culinary and historical journey of 'Pav',  a very common ingredient found in street food menus, especially on the streets of Mumbai. The film also tell us how this 'poor people's food' became 'the easy to bite' food for everyone on the move in Mumbai.


Shor ki Aadat

A short documentary about a Chor Bazaar. One should experience this market and interact with this people. To know the hardships they are facing and the life they are leading.


Dance like a Man

The documentary explores the unrecognized art of belly dancing through the perspective of male belly dancers. It brings to light the beauty of the art form and the gendered stereotypes around the same.



This documentary cover people who are homeless across the city. People who have lived on the streets for more than two decades and how do they manage to earn and eat ,what is their relationship with their family, how they are raising their kids and what keeps them going. The film portrays the human aspects of their issues and their acceptance in our society.

2016 - 2017

Seriously Funny

This film is an interview of various standup comedians, their views about their profession, problems and struggle they are facing in their profession.


Children Of God

This documentary focuses on the Hijra community in Mumbai. It explores various facets of the community such as identity, family and community structure, with special focus on the recently viral group of performers known as the 6 Pack Band.


The Silent Epidemic

The film talks about the increasing disease these days-depression. It deals with what is depression, how to spot it , the social stigma associated with it and the treatment of the same. All the information will be given from the point view of reouted psychiatrists and psychologists . Film narrates story of rela life victims of this silent epidemic.



Sparsh is a film about a blind person ,'Devidas' who works in a massage parlor which employs only blind people.The parlor ,'Metta' offers foot spa and body spa treatment at much cheaper raes than the usual high end spas.The film gives a very joyous feel as to how 'Devidas' goes about spending his day at hoe and work.


Beyond Sight

The film shows how Blind people take Photographs, and their experiences about their photography exhibitions.


Trutiya Panthi

The film targets on putting forth the view point of society on Hijras and Hijra's on society with a neutral treatment. film touches various segments starting with what society thinks of Hijras, the myths associated with Hijras, discrimination that happens between Hijras and normal people, job opportunities for them, the embarrassment that they go through and lastly what problems does the society have with Hijras and what problem does the Hijras have from society. The film does not pose any question for the audiences but it just states facts that the society isn't ready to face.


A Blessings In Death

The film revolves around Aruna Shanbhag, a patient living in vegetative state. It covers various angles with regard to the subject of euthanasia –legal, religious and medical. It highlights the reluctance of the legislature and the absence of a well-defined approach on the part of the judiciary.


The Silver Lining

This film is about autistic children and how parents of such children handle their child's disability.


Not Out

A look at Cricket from two points of view. But answering one question. Is it right to run behind a dream which eludes you more, the more you run behind it and a dream, which keeps the game going. The game lives because such dreams live.



A film on the Parsi funeral. The film tells the fate of ‘the Tower of Silence’ in Mumbai.

Advertising & Marketing Communication


Ruk Jao Na Ji

The film tells us the importance of environment friendly habits to be inculcated in us in our daily life the film narrates the story, where two friends are in the car. One is driving the car, the other one alerts his friend to keep his vehicle off at red signal as keeping the vehicle on at signal even for 1 minute emits the harmful CO2 in the environment.


Flick the Switch

The film dramatically depicts the story in which one boy blames everyone including him for killing our mother earth. Symbolically, few shots are seen to prove this. This film also gives reference of the scripture from Bhagwad gita.


Bud Book

This advertisements is on idiom dictionary which will help people to use exact idioms at right place.


Wonder Brief

The advertisement about wonder brief undergarments. Undergarments should be comfortable and durable



The Advertisement about matchbox by telling the importance of matchsticks in humorous way.



This advertisement is on Yaadgiri Almonds which will help you to keep your memory sharp.


Sona Mattress

The film advertises Mattress. Better mattress better sleep.


Public Service Advertising

It is an advertisement on PSA (Public Service Announcement) which provides helpline number for women so that they can share their domestic violence cases and difficulties.



The film advertises a cellphone by showing the story of meeting of the young couple with the help of GPS network of phone.


Ship Matches

This film advertises Ship matchsticks by telling the importance of matchsticks in every sphere of life.



This film advertises Durex condoms.


Bhringraj Pooja Samagri

This film advertises a packaged Pooja samagri to avoid the hassles of buying individual Pooja samagri ingredients.

Journalism & Mass Communication


Watch Wizards

This documentary is on watchmakers who repairs watches. This documentary cover everything from the technical to the emotional aspect of watchmakers.


Where Millionaires are made

This documentary is on Lottery ticket sellers. How they handle lottery business and their struggle.


A shrine for all

Synopsis A shrine is a holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr. This film is about Don Bosco Shrine. The church is dedicated to Mary Help of Christians better known as "Don Bosco's Madonna".


Kala Ghoda

This film is about Kala Ghoda Art Festival It is largest multicultural festival, taking place in February each year. The Festival draws visitors in large numbers, not just from the city but from all over the country, and the world.


The Hidden Gems Of Mumbai

This is a short documentary covering 5 extraordinary buildings in south Mumbai.


Mumbai Misal

The idea behind Mumbai Misal was to showcase Mumbai’s various culinary breakfast options. This documentary begins early in the morning, going on to showcase food stalls and restaurants in the area, how people preparing food and what their customers’ requirements.


Story Sellers

Streets book sellers from South Mumbai narrate stories or read extracts from their favorite novel.


Across The Wall

This Documentary about the Graffiti art. Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view.


Kushti : The Last Fight

Kushti is an amalgamation of two different wrestling traditions -the Persian form brought into south Asia by the Moghuls and an ancient Hindu form that dates back to the 11th century. This documentary is one such akhara in the city by -lanes of Chinchpokli in Mumbai.


Reaping New Lives

This is a documentary about REAP (Reach Education Action Programme), an NGO founded by Fr. Trevor Miranda, which works to empower street children by educating them.

Communication For Development



This documentary provides information on how NABARD providing financial assistance for Agro Tourism and Generates of employment opportunities for Youth of Tapola village.