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On 17 September 2022, Team Mavericks from the Journalism and Mass Communication cohort, 2022-23, of the Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) organized MILAN 2022, the annual fest of the institution. MILAN as the name suggests is an event that allows the students of XIC across all courses to interact and bond with one another. As part of the same, the Journalism students launched their very own news portal, Xaviers News, a platform created to, for and by the students of XIC, followed by a prom night.

The event started with the Diya Lighting Ceremony by Fr. Gordon Daniells SJ, Mr. Yogesh Kamdar, Course Head, Journalism and Mass Communication, Ms. Anu Sinha, Course Head, Advertising and Marketing, Ms. Sandra Vaz, Assistant Course-Head, Journalism and Mass Communication and Dr. Atul Thakur member of the faculty, Journalism and Mass Communication.

Following the same, Ms. Anu Sinha delivered a speech on the tradition and history of Milan.

The event then moved on to the highlight of the day wherein Mr. Yogesh Kamdar, Course Head, Journalism and Mass Communication launched the website, Xaviers News and addressed the audience in light of the occasion.

In continuation to the launch, Dr Atul Thakur, who played an instrumental role in the development of the website concluded the first segment by sharing his experience with the audience regarding the same.

The event then progressed with the Prom Night which was marked by dancing and other fun activities organized by Team Mavericks.

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