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To Sir With Love


On a rainy evening of June 9, 2018, friends, colleagues and students, past and present, of Fr Gordon Daniells, gathered at St Xavier's College or a nostalgic Reunion to felicitate their mentor, philosopher and guide with memories and music (which he so loves, being an accomplished musician himself)

Playing on a loop were some of his favourite songs sung with rythmic guitar and velvet tones that would give commercial artistes a run for their money as merry-makers engaged in funquizzes. Such as Signature Gordon Stories, where we had to (a) pick a word or phrase that comes to mind when we think of Fr G. (KIND!SUPPORTIVE! COMPASSIONATE! BLESSING) (b) share an unforgettable fun experience with Fr G. (KHANDALA) (c) one priceless Learning for Life lesson gifted by Fr Gordon.(WHY ONLY ONE?)

Fr Roy Pereira, Vice Principal, SXC tinkled the ivories, kickstarting the entertainment with a tango tribute " We Love Fr Gordon's Way" sung to the tune of "Sway" by Dean Martin. Perhaps, the ice-breaker should have been a jive at which Fr Gordon excels.His was a late vocation and the powerpoint presentation included sepia photos of a lithe handsome lad (he still is!) cassock clad with confreres or in mufti. Most of his family migrated to Australia which meant Fr Gordon could be pater familias here - helping students with job placements, visiting the sick and going the extra mile to serve both laity and fellow Jesuits inmyriad ways.

Alumni, too many to name, showed their appreciation with lyrical song and dance that paid homage to the Gordonian ethicin leadership training and development imparted in the college and at XLRI, XIM, XIC and the Xaviers Villa in Khandala.

The upcoming workshop is the result of the express desire of such alumni as Annabel Ferro (who cried as she delivered a most moving tribute) and Colonel (Retd) Roshanlal Sharma who is perhaps, Fr Gordon's oldest student.

Kudos to the core committee Nilima, Roy, Ruby, Saurav, Stuthi and Zia for organising the program which featured stellar performances by Ella Atai Castellino, Aditya, Shayaan Shaikh and Nilima Bhat.

What did the man at the centre of it all have to say? He acknowledged his own teachers whom he "admired greatly", the late George Soares, and Frs Ed McGrath and Joaquim Fuster. As he summed it, "What I sensed very keenly was how much God was showing me. He loved me through all of you. We were all a real microcosm of unity, of one mind and heart..I want to keep on making all of you happy by continuing to share unreservedly of my time and talents..."

XIM alumnus Commodore Niranjan Khardenavis (who attended with spouse) said: "Fr Gordon, I am very indebted to you for having touched my life."

Vijay Bhat said: "I'm glad so many people got to spend time with you plus learn about different facets of your amazing life and selfless contributions. I certainly did."

Priscilla Travasso, Course Coordinator XIM said: "His love, concern, acts of kindness and teaching remains indelible in the hearts and minds of students."

Pay it forward by contributing generously to the newly set up Fr Gordon Endowment Fund.

Writup by Ms. Ronita Torcato (was Head of MediaWorld, XIC + alumna JR, PR & Photography courses)