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Film Television and Journalism students interact with the brains behind OMG 2


Makers of the recent Hindi cinema hit, Oh My God 2 (OMG 2), interacted with students of Film & Television (FTV) and Journalism (JR) at Xavier Institute of Communications. Director Amit Rai briefed the students about his journey while writing and directing the movie. Director of Photography Amlendu Chaudhary, Editor Suvir Nath, and Sound Designer Subash Sahoo enlightened the students on their respective areas of specialization, and their perceptions and knowledge gained throughout their careers.

From the initial idea to censorship, students asked diverse questions to the makers. “When you are true to your story, the world gets it,” said Rai when questioned about his choice of projects that contain sensitive matters like religion and its practices.
The Q&A session explored the processes of pre-production, character sketching, casting, cinematography, editing, and censorship. While students from Film and Television brought up technical questions like the location of the shoot and continuity in shots, Journalism students initiated conversations about their journey and depiction of the movie.

Quoting Subhash Ghai, Nath said, “Anything having reference to our cultural ethos will be easily accepted,” in context about what the Indian audience wants to see. He recommended students to read “Mahabharata” to learn the art of scriptwriting. Chaudhary, adding his
insights about the Indian audience, said they have immense knowledge about cinema. The panel gave detailed answers and explained the importance of cohesiveness in a team to execute a project. Complimenting this, Sahoo talked about the music and sound departments moving hand in hand so that the final output is smooth.

The movie deals with a sensitive yet important message that should be delivered to the young audience. It addresses taboos like sex education and heinous crimes like child sexual abuse. Through this engaging discussion, interspersed with learnings and laughter, the makers of OMG 2 brought out the core motive of the movie: educating the younger generation.

- Palak Sharma
  JR 2023-24