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Fr. John Paul Swaminathan had a session on Creating Good Media Content


Fr. John Paul Swaminathan had a session on “Creating Good Media Content” today for Film, Television and Digital Production students.

John Paul Swaminathan belongs to Salesian of Don Bosco and a film director & producer living and working in Paris - France. Having Master’s degree in film and television production, with professional experience in advertising and documentaries. He made his first French short film «ALIVE, la mort n’arrête pas la vie” received the award for best short film at the French Cinematheque on December 5, 2016, and then the prestigious ALBERT R. BROCCOLI award, that same year. 

John has developed a great network in the cinema/digital media field internationally and gathered around DBIEM: Don Bosco Intuition Entertainers Media a network of film/digital professionals to create media content which can inspire the world positively. In 2019, he was appointed as the CEO of the NGO DBIME. John is also the director of Don Bosco International Media Academy in Paris – France.