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Carnival of Love-Online Event

Carnival of Love-Online Event


Carnival of Love-Online Event

The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy and Xavier Institute of Communication present


A virtual concert premiering on Valentine's Day_

*Hosted by Brian Tellis* and featuring a host of performers that will have you swaying, partner or not.

*14th Feb, at 7 pm.* Get notified by visiting ** and clicking on the subscribe button and the bell icon

At a time when a pandemic has thrown the world into disarray and trauma, we find that it has been love and concern for one another that has helped us get through this crisis. From the threat and fear of something unseen, we look for joy and happiness to bring back some smiles and sunshine into our lives. Necessity being the mother of invention, we have come up with innovative and varied ways of doing things. So, when two creative organisations come together and Valentine’s Day meets Mardi Gras, the outcome had to be *A CARNIVAL OF LOVE*.

 So Long, Long Live Love and Don’t, Don’t Stop The Carnival