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Awards being presented at The Sabre Awards function

Awards being presented at The Sabre Awards function


There were 2 awards being presented in Delhi at The Sabre Awards function:

1. The AIPR accreditation:
This is an accreditation of P. R. and Corporate Communication professionals accredited as Communicators by PRCAI and its jury. (I was on the jury too). So Ms. Shruti Vakhariya our PR Alumnus was one among those accredited. The jury concurred earlier and this was announced too, however the actual Award was given at The Sabre Awards function.

2. The Sabre Awards:
The 2022 SABRE Awards
The SABRE Awards have always been about engagement, credibility, and relationship building.
Now more than ever you need to be able to demonstrate your credentials in these areas, and the peer reviewed endorsement of your abilities that SABRE provides is increasingly critical.

This is a globally done certification. The Chairman of this Award group is Mr. Paul Holmes (from New Jersey), the author of the famous 'Holmes Report'. (I was on this jury too).  There are several categories: at least 20 of them for the Awards in the industry for great campaigns and campaigners.  In the category of The P. R. Aspirant of the Year 2022, we had 2 entries nominated by XIC among 630 entries approximately. 

Finally 4 entries were chosen as finalists. 2 out of these 4 were our XIC entries: Chitral Shah and Ritika Kunwar. Ritika Kunwar's campaign on 'Why P. R. Matters' for the brand Cultfit was chosen and awarded as the winner.