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A Toast To The Unsung Heros


A Toast To The Unsung Hero's an initiative by C4D Students
A festival to renew the promises a brother makes to his sister to always be around and protect her. As children, we all learnt the pledge "India is my country and all Indian’s are my brothers and sisters” and yet sacrifices made by some go unnoticed, that have been around every single day without whose services we wouldn’t survive, like the civic sweepers who begin their work much before most of us end our day.
The students of Xavier Institute of Communications, pursuing Communication for Development course, decided to make these heroes feel special and thank them for their services. Students narrated some extraordinary experiences and also stated how they had made an emotional connect with the ones they tied rakhi to those, who rarely got a day off irrespective of festivals or harsh weather conditions, just to keep our city clean. 
Some of these heroes followed tradition and overcome by emotions they were touching the feet of the students and even offered money in gratitude. They said "by the time we go home after completing our duties we are so tired we hardly spend time with our family. We go home for a day or two in the entire year, and miss our family a lot especially during festivals.”
Some students celebrated the day with security guards and tea vendors of their area, they had touching stories to share. The best part of the day was when they tied rakhi’s to some police officers on duty. It was a moment cherished by every student present that night. One of the officers even thanked us and expressed the impact these little moments will have for years to come on them.
The event ended on a high note with the students having made this day memorable for the unsung and unnoticed heroes.