Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Course Head: Mr. Rajeev Chawla

Course content subject to change

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Course Outline and Method

The Public Relations and Corporate Communication Course is a 10 months full-time, Post-graduate Diploma Programme. It is a training discipline for professional knowledge and skills in communication, applied to corporate management, in Institutions of government, commerce and Industry non-profit agencies and academia. The expertise and skills required of PR practitioners include e the strategic handling of tools and channels for information distribution and retrieval, to build relationships with individuals and target groups or ‘publics’ through planned Action and Communication via mass media, new media and person to person.

The course comprises of 34 modules, seminars and workshops (the costs of which are included in the tuition fee). The total of 481 sessions (95 credits) makes the student eligible for the diploma. A substantial part of the education is conducted through ‘assisted learning’ which involves students undertaking assignments, research and case studies, projects individually or in groups under the guidance of the faculty.

Course Fees

Tution Fees 291000
CSGT 9% 26190
SGST 9% 26190
Registration Fees 2500
CSGT 9% 225
SGST 9% 225
Library Deposit 2500
Total Fees 348830


Anyone holding a graduate degree in Arts, Science, Mass Media, Commerce or any professional course etc. (Students, awaiting their graduation results, should submit a photocopy of the final year mark sheet of Second Semester to the Administration Office) failing which they will not be eligible for the XIC Diploma). There is an on-line entrance test followed by personal interview.

Class Timings

The course is conducted over week days - Monday to Saturday (9.00am - 8.30 pm), with two to three sessions daily. Workshops and Seminars are usually scheduled for Saturdays. 75% attendance is compulsory in each module. Grades will bedowngraded from the performance based credits.

Job Prospects

There are rich and varied opportunities available in Business Corporations, PR Specialist Service Providers, Advertising Agencies, NGOs, Government Divisions and Departments, Academia and in the Mass Media News and Entertainment Industry Corporations. Placement interactions are scheduled towards the end of the second term before the closing of the academic year.

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Course Synopsis

All modules in this course are obligatory.
The Management reserves the right, as and when necessary, to change the syllabus without prior notice.

A: Core Skills for P. R. 115 Sessions 23 Credits
P.R. Concepts, Structures & Practice 10 Sessions 2 Credits
The P.R. Campaign / Strategic P.R. 10 Sessions 2 Credits
News Focus, Tracking & Coverage 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Effective Writing for P. R. 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Effective Content for the Digital Platform 10 Sessions 2 Credits
P.R. & Media Relations: 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Client Servicing 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Corporate Communications:
  • Corporate Communication Concepts
  • Corporate Communication Practice
15 Sessions 3 Credits
News Reporting 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Research and Research Writing 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Measurement of P.R. Objectives / Campaigns 10 Sessions 2 Credits
B: Foundation based Skills for P. R. 245 Sessions 49 Credits
Management & Marketing Studies
  • Creating a Successful Marketing Focus
  • The Marketing Plan
35 Sessions 7 Credits
The Mass Media Industry 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Effective Business Communication 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Integrated Communication 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Corporate Branding 15 Sessions 3 Credits
P.R. Industry Practice and Application 20 Sessions 4 Credits
Event Management
  • Event Planning
  • Event Execution
35 Sessions 7 Credits
Computer Skills for Media and Communication 35 Sessions 7 Credits
Digital Marketing 10 Sessions 2 Credits
New Media & Practice 15 Sessions 3 Credits
New media Case-Studies 10 Sessions 2 Credits
P.R. Case Studies: Research, Analysis and Solutions 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Crisis Communication 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Public Affairs Practice 10 Sessions 2 Credits
C: Value added Skills for P. R. 91 Sessions 17 Credits
Relationship Management 6 Sessions Non Credits
P.R. Law & Media 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Audio Visual Communication Production 25 Sessions 5 Credits
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for P.R. Professionals 15 Sessions 3 Credits
P.R. Pitches to Clients: Writing & Presenting 5 Sessions 1 Credits
P.R. Professional Practice
  • The Making of a P.R. professional
  • Professional Etiquette & Standards for P.R. Professionals
  • Soft Skills for PR Professionals
20 Sessions 4 Credits
The Economics/Business side of the P.R. agency 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Diversity Discourse 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Personal Empowerment 5 Sessions 1 Credits
D: Industry Project Practice - Internship
(Later part of the Academic Year)
91 Sessions 17 Credits
Total: 495 sessions 451 Sessions
(6 sessions)
89 Credits