Film, Television & Digital Video Production

Course Head: Mr. Satish Bhatia

Film, Television & Digital Video Production

Course Outline and Method:

The Film, TV & Digital Video Production Course is a full-time post graduate diploma programme. This course aims to provide an integrated overview of film and television with emphasis on direction and production. Students will receive a working knowledge of scheduling and budgeting as well. Value additions will be in terms of appreciation of this medium through film screenings, workshops, field trips and guest lecturers.

While the emphasis will be on the art and craft of Film and Television production (scripting, cinematography, editing, sound and special effects) the course will also attempt to provide students with an opportunity to look at a range of classical and contemporary cinema in order to read and understand films in the changing social milieu of the new digital age. Practical hands-on training in the polytechnic style of teaching forms the core of the learning process.

Here the student will have to learn by making mistakes. Doing and re-doing is the official mantra till students attain a level of confidence to handle the work independently. Their abilities will be channeled and their skills sharpened and honed through multiple approaches, constant guidance and supervision by qualified instructors - practising professionals in their areas of expertise.


Any graduate in Arts, Mass Media, Science or Commerce. (Students awaiting their graduation results should submit the attested photocopy of their mark sheet in the second semester to the Administration Office, failing which they will not be eligible for the XIC diploma.) There is an on-line entrance test followed by an individual interview. Working persons are not eligible.

As the course is physically demanding, absenteeism because of ill-health may disqualify a student. It is also recommended that each student make provisions to have access to or purchase a DSLR camera of their own for the still photography module. (The Instructor will guide the students accordingly)


The course is divided into 16 modules some of which run simultaneously. It spans two semesters of 42 instructional weeks, 585 sessions / 117 credits. The course is conducted over weekdays - Monday to Saturday (9.00 am - 8.30 pm), Workshops / Seminars are a part of the course and learning.

Students are expected to put in several hours of self study on a regular basis. In addition, there will be film screenings and workshops/guest lectures scheduled as per availability of the resource person. Sufficient prior intimation will be provided.


XIC has fully equipped air conditioned studios for sound recording and Audio Visual post production. The classroom itself has a shooting studio with HD Digital Cameras, lights, necessary accessories and props to enable students to prepare production that simulates real life work situation. A tele-prompter gives opportunity for News reading and live panel interview work.

XIC also has a Media Resource Centre which comprises an updated film archive of audio-visuals, and a wide collection of books and periodicals. It will soon have access to Digital data-Base.

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