The Advanced Integrated Communication Program (AICP)

Course Head: Mr. Rajeev Chawla

Course content subject to change

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Course Outline and Method

The Advanced Integrated Communication Programme is a part-time Post-graduate Diploma Programme designed and meant specifically for working professionals. The programme focuses on different aspects of the Communication space where design and implementation will reflect success. It looks at the subject of Communications in an integrated manner where different parts of the field are not broken up but need to be consolidated to give the right impact.

Effective Communication necessitates that all Marketing Communication elements like the Public Relations Campaigns, Sales Promotions and others must blend into the larger Marketing objective for the Client. This integration will ensure that the organization delivers a ‘One Voice - One Message’ Campaign and manage effective change through Communication.

Hence irrespective of which individual domain like Advertising or Media that practitioners work in, the resultant impact will always be larger when we look at the integration of all Communication alternatives. Hence this course addresses the practitioners of the Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Production and similar domains.

The Course comprises 27 Modules, seminars and workshops consisting of a total of 225 sessions (45 credits). This Module completion makes the student eligible for the Diploma. Students will have to attend week-end class, do assignments and projects which are research-based to enhance their understanding of the subject.

A major part of the Programme shall be conducted from the basis of Practice to Theory and on the basis of Case Studies to drive the learning to participants who have good work experience.

Course Fees

Tution Fees 226500
CSGT 9% 20385
SGST 9% 20385
Registration Fees 2500
CSGT 9% 225
SGST 9% 225
Library Deposit 2500
Total Fees 272720


  • A Graduate in any discipline and Work experience of 2 years in a non-staff function (executive or supervisory function desired). • Organizational sponsorship for this program preferred but not compulsory. However a letter from the organization shall be required stating that they are aware of your joining this program.

Class Timings (and Location)

  • Saturdays: 2.00 PM - 8.30 PM (4 hours contact sessions in this time slot. On some Saturdays it may be 6 contact hour sessions too) and Sundays: 10 AM – 5 PM (6 hours contact sessions).
  • The program will be conducted over 225 sessions of 450 Hours in total.
  • The program shall be conducted in our state-of-the-art facility at either the XIC Campus situated at the St. Xavier’s School campus or at The XIC Campus situated in St. Xavier’s College, both located at Dhobitalao, Mumbai 75% attendance is mandatory in each Module. This is a necessary criterion for successful award of the Diploma. Candidates should make sure that they are able to attend to qualify for the Diploma. Attendance below norms will imply non-award ofthe Diploma. Grades will be downgraded from the performance based credits.

Work Prospects

Participants will develop a holistic and mature approach to solve all Marketing Communication issues. The Integration of this type of a holistic nature will give organizations more sound solutions and better Campaigns. Employees of all Communication or related organizations largely stand to benefit from this approach and this program.

Integrated Marketing Communication

All Modules below shall attempt to buildup marketing communication through their various methods thereby helping the brand Impact build faster, ensure Integration of communication and overall aid in the process of quick Impact branding and profits for an organization. Hence the key outcome of this course is to build an Integrated Marketing Communication campaign with unified messaging aiding the process of recognition and impact for brands and organizations.

Course Synopsis

All modules in this course are obligatory.
The Management reserves the right, as and when necessary,
to change the syllabus without prior notice.

A: Marketing 80 Sessions 16 Credits
Holistic Marketing and Corporate Strategy 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Brand Portfolio Strategy 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Case Studies: Marketing Research, Analysis & Client Solutions 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Creating The Marketing Plan 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Consumer Behavior 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Marketing Strategy for Service Organizations 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Personal Selling and Negotiation Strategy 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Trends and Technology for Marketing 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Direct Marketing 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Sales Promotions 5 Sessions 1 Credits
B: Advertising 50 Sessions 10 Credits
The Client - Agency Relationship 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Advertising Account Strategy 5 Sessions 1 Credits
The Creative Plan 5 Sessions 1 Credits
The Media Plan 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Advertising Production 10 Sessions 3 Credits
Creating Winning Advertising Campaigns 10 Sessions 2 Credits
C: Corporate Communications 40 Sessions 8 Credits
Corporate Communications Strategy & PR 10 Sessions 2 Credits
Applied Corporate Communications 10 Sessions 2 Credits
The Corporate-Media Interface 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Crisis Management 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Event Management 10 Sessions 2 Credits
D: Digital Communication & New Media 20 Sessions 4 Sessions
Web Strategies in Marketing today 5 Sessions 1 Credits
New Media Today 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Digital Advertising Strategy/Campaigns 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Leveraging the Web 5 Sessions 1 Credits
E: Senior Management Perspectives
Organizational Communication perspectives 5 Sessions 1 Credits
Creating Integrated Campaigns - Summation
Creating Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Diversity Discourse (45 weekends) 15 Sessions 3 Credits
Grand Total 225 sessions 215 Sessions
(43 weekends)
43 credits

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