Extension Programmes

Media / Human Relation Skills - Extension Programmes (For Corporate Houses only)

Extension Programmes

Besides one year Diploma Programmes, XIC also offers a series of short, highly intensive, professional MEDIA related and Human related training programmes specially designed to meet essential needs that rapid changes in society are thrusting upon media and business houses.

Each programme is carefully conceived to meet a client's specific needs after taking into consideration the situation a company is facing, the profile of the participants to be trained, the nature of the subject/s to be covered, the time available, etc. Once a programme is drawn up and approved by the client, training is conducted by highly placed professionals drawn from the field. Among XIC's growing list of satisfied clients are Radhakrishna Hospitality Services Limited, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited, Britannia Industries Limited, Siemens Limited, Gujarat Guardian Limited.

Media Related

Any topic pertaining to the fields of mass communication like Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, Film and Television Production.


Fr. Gordon Daniells, SJ

Head : Corporate Ext. Services, XIC

Human Related

Any topic helping to bring people together at work in the office or factory, at home or in the neighborhood such as:

1. Self Awareness 2. Motivation 3. Leadership
4. Decision Making 5. Communication 6. Conflict Resolution
7. Negotiating Skills 8. Team Building 9. Creativity
10. The Magic of a Positive Attitude 11. Personal Grooming & Etiquette 12. Raising Self Esteem
13. Assertive Skills 14. Time Management 15. Development of a Professional Image
16. Transactional Analysis 17. Rational Emotive Therapy 18. Performance Counselling
19. Mentoring 20. Coaching
1. Journalism 2. Public Speaking 3. Presentation Skills
4. Creative Writing 5. Report Writing
1. Handling Media 2. Handling TV Interviews 3. Crisis Management
4. Managing Employee Rumors 5. Using Intranet to improve Employee Motivation
1. How to create good Corporate Web Pages 2. Creating Interactive Multimedia Presentation on CD
1. Brand Management in an age of Commoditisation 2. Understanding the Consumer - An Advertising Perspective 3. Consumer Behaviour
4. Retail Trends and Management 5. Media Relations - A Journalist's Perspective for the Corporate Sector