The Institute

The Institute

Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) is a curricula unit of St. Xavier’s College, Autonomous. It is a professional media centre which offers a variety of services in training and production. The Institute is at two locations; the St. Xavier’s College campus and the St. Xavier’s High School Campus, Mumbai.

The Bombay St. Xavier’s College Society Trust which also comprises of St. Xavier’s College, the Xavier Institute of Communications, the Xavier Institute of Management and Research (XIMR) and the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture.


The Institute

By virtue of its course offerings and enrolments, XIC ranks among the biggest non-government media centres in Asia. XIC was initiated in 1969 by The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India to develop scholarship and professionalism in the media. It is presently managed by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) of the Bombay Province.

The Jesuit reputation for excellence is part of a 450-year old tradition that began when St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus in 1540. The Jesuit tradition of education focuses on the whole person in preparation not only for a career but for life. It develops an appreciation for learning as a process of self-discovery - a process that is both joyous and liberating.

Professional Media Resources

Professional Media Resources

  • Cardinal Gracias Media Resource Centre
  • Sound studio
  • Video / CD Recording and Editing
  • A 120-seat air-conditioned Gerry Rosario Hall with large screen video projection
  • An air-conditioned Ignatius Board Room
  • A xIT Lab
  • Mc Farland Hall, Facility for Public lectures, demos, audio-visual projections.

More Facilities

Mission Statement

We Believe in an education that nurtures global citizens

We believe in the potential of the media as a tool for integral development. This remains the guiding factor in our striving for professional excellence.

We believe that mastering one's craft is only one aspect of media training. It is as important to recognise how issues such as those of culture, class, race, gender and ideology influence the creation and the 'reading' of any media text.

We provide a professional media education which emphasises the values relevant to our own unique cultural context.

In brief a pedagogy which is flexible, innovative, experiential and encourages professional responsibility in which the personal bond between teacher and students is respected and nourished, which is sensitive to socio development needs and responsive to secular values and human rights.

We believe that in a shrinking more interdependent world the XIC should provide a special space and place for young graduates not only to discover the media world, but also to discern how to bond with our worldwide human family through communication.

We believe that XIC can transform students slowly but surely into "people who truly know how to live and contribute to our global human community"